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    I am sure the design has its share of merits and lacking but one cannot argue with a guy who made millions if not more from his first few designs , Intrigued by few things in design though but I am sure he has his reason well thought after.
  • the idea of a self landing vtol uav is great and one I hope to use at some point down the road (much like the ryan x-13 vertijet) but not a design I would use myself. using two counter rotors at the wing tips does away with the need for the thrusters and would make the wing more efficient to boot.

    but this is stil a very interesting design and can't wait to see it fly.
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    link here for the VTOL description/diag
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    (IMHO), I think it has ailerons too and the roll thrusters rottors as it called are for VTOL operations I guess, I wonder why he choose a fixed nose with payload inside infront of the main rotor!!! rather than inside the belly like every one else....
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    BTW , wouldn't this one make a perfect UAV logo that no one can assosiate with "evil " UAV the a Predator is( I know it is Ikana but every newbie thinks..). and yes I know we have to wait till Boeing buys it off his hand too. :)
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    Tail sitter it seems as per this info/web
    Being VTOL as The original reason for navy marines could not use the scaneagle due to cumbersome launcher....
  • Coming soon. That's why you never saw it before. He obviously hates ailerons but it's not a tail sitter. It still relies on a ground jig like the Scaneagle. Tri rotors are coming any moment now.
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    Yep Varga due to gas engine torque, I thought the main prop looked like folding but I guess they are variable pitch! for Vtol op.. And fixed nose cone with payload too!! , any chance to see its parking and reloading mechanism would be gr8 , I guess we might soon see it @ AAI or Boeing.... in next 4 years
  • See the two small props in the wing ends which work against reaction torque, one facing up, one down. I think they start it vertically and the main prop is not folding.
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    Wondering if the main prop is folding type and if so what happens when it starts up in VTOL position..? any ideas or video links?
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