Magnets ???

My question is about the use of magnets for fixing things in/on an airframe. I found that the small super magnets you easily find nowadays are very practical to replace Velcro tapes in many situations. The binding is stronger, less subject to move, and set up things without unnecessary protruding. Moreover, magnets do not take up dry grasses and are not sticking to wool cloth.For example, I mounted my digital camera (a cheap one) with 4 such small magnets in the belly of my Kadet Senior and they hold the thing in place like nothing else I tried before. Of course, I tested my camera afterward, knowing that magnets could harm the flash card! For now, I had no problem with it.Does someone know if the magnetic fields of tiny strong magnets could have negative impact on other onboard electronics? For example I would like to use magnets to mount the GPS chip and the FMA sensor on top of the wings. Did someone experience such mounting or have bad results or problems with magnets?

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  • It takes a VERY strong magnet to start seeing an impact on most electronic devices. ie. to destroy a hard drive - you need a magnet more powerful then most have handled before.
    So I doubt you will see any issue in use smaller rare earth magnets (which is what I imagine your using).

    Obviously we know magnets and electronics are a little flaky together, so just keep that in mind, but in my opinion I don't think you have very much to worry about.
    Thanks for the good idea :)
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