Photogrammetric study of 100 ha using UAV (Airfare and DJI 550) for Digital Surface Model, Contours, and precision ground Orthoimage 20 cm in X, Y and Z.

It is the natural environment of the archaeological site of Bastida in southeastern Spain where he lived 4200 years ago Argar Culture.







 Argaric Orthoimage the wall, only 10% excavated


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  • I guess no particular data sensing except aerial photos used to do the photogrammetry. The three layers are photogrammetric photo rendering on the bottom, a digital elevation model (DEM) obtained from the photogrammetry software in the middle, and isolines elevation curves at the top, calculated from the DEM in a GIS software. Looks all good.

  • Great work! Just wondering what type of sensors did you guy used to make these layers? Thanks

  • Wow, the final product is beautiful.

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