Need help with a DC/DC 5V/3.3V @5A converter

Hi all.As it happens once in a while, I acquired a lot of 5 nice dc/dc new converters from ebay for 9 bucks, but now I got them I lack basic information about the product."Specifications" I have for them are limited to following: DC/DC Converter 5V Input, 3.3V @ 5A Output SMTThe boards look like following on the pics:

I see 4 "tunnel shaped" connectors on the back side. Could anybody tell me which connectors are for the input VCC in 5v / GND and which for output VCC out 3.3v / GND?Or could anybody tell me how I could test the connectors to determine that without destroying anything?Any help on this would be greatly appreciated since I intend to use the board to power my LS20032 GPS chip which just arrived from SparkFun! Thanks all for your attention.

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  • That is a substantial DC-DC converter. If you want something smaller, take a look at the Dimension Engineering 3.3V switching regulators or try to track down Recom R-783.3-0.5 or R-783.3-1.0 switching regulators - We use the Recom 1.0A version on all of our robots.
  • Reto,

    Nice looking DC/Dc board at a good price! I found the datasheet here, which shows the Vin, Vout etc on p.21
    I see that you solder onto the bottom of the board at the "LISMC" pads- those 4 groups of 3 metal rectangles.

    I wonder how much filtering will be needed for clean 3.3v output. Maybe it won't be a problem because the load is low.

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