How to automatically add DO_SET_SERVO at each WP?


My target is to take a picture  at a WP (camera Canon with CHDK)

When you generate a grid (MP 2.95) inside a polygon  with many waypoint it 's really slow to add manually a DO_SET_SERVO after each WP. I generate 60 to 200 WP....

Any solution to automate the process ?


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  • You may as well us the extended features of the auto-grid function ("Survey (grid)" screen), setting up your camera and lens specs in the camera config panel, seting up your survey altitude, and then specifying do_digicam_control or do_repeat_servo commands in the trigger options. When done, you'll have the appropriate trigger commands in your mission, along with all needed waypoints to cover your area with the right overlap.


    • Oh yes, if you can use the survey grid that's way easier.
      I came up with the excel method because the Survey tool would not work for my mission. My trigger points had to vary in distance and my flight lines not evenly spaced due to rough terrain. The survey tool can't use a DTM and assumes flat ground. If the ground is flat, might as well make it really easy on yourself and use CAM_TRIGG_DIST
  • Open the flight plan .txt file in excel. Make a do set servo line at the bottom. Create a blank column to the left. Label the do_set_servo with the number 2 in the blank cell. Copy this row to another under it. Label this one 4. Highlight both rows and use the autofill feature to drag down until you have enough lines, each labelled 2,4,6...etc.
    now label the waypoint rows 1,3,5.. Etc.
    now use the sort function to sort by this column so the rows are in order, 1,2,3... Etc.
    Now delete the new column of numbers you made.
    Save as a .txt file.
    Open in Mission Planner.
    It's much faster than trying to type this tutorial. Takes me 2 minutes.
    • It works !!!


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