ArduPilot ver. 2: SiRF Binary Protocol emulation

I am interested in using the version 2 of ArduPilot code. The only point I wish to change in this code, is the use of SiRF binary GPS data. I would like to replace it with the previous NMEA parsing used in ArduPilot version 1, even if it is slower.I'll probably use two ArduPilot boards in my ariframe:- first board with version 2 ArduPilot code- second board with custom code for:- up/downlink Xbee communication- controlling pan&tilt camera (from uplink)- controlling photo shutter (from uplink)- parsing NMEA to my Inspire OSD- logging locations of photo shotsOne way I imagined to do it is parsing the NMEA on the second ArduPilot, transform it to (emulate) SiRF Binary and send that binary serially to the first ArduPilot (autopilot).For doing that, I need to know precisely what SiRF data is expected by ArduPilot code version 2.If anybody would have information on that, I would be very grateful.

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  • I know you dropped the subject, but I have the same desire to understand the SirF protocol. I was also thinking how to reinsert the NMEA parser. I've got the manual on SirF protocol, but I dont understand what I'm reading yet. I also have the SirF demo software and I think if I run my GPS in that, there might be some output that clears up the meaning of some of this.

    I dont really want to wait and if I can learn a few things, then maybe I could come up with something. That seems to be the spirit of open source - see it, learn it, share it or something along those lines.
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    If you can wait a few weeks, we'll be switching back to a NMEA parser in 2.1. It was just a memory space issue that forced us into binary in this version.
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