Using APM 2.5 command DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL with time-lapse ?

In Mission Planner, there is the possibility to program camera trigger in a mission with the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command.

This feature is nice, but I would like my camera to be time lapse triggered, for example taking a shot every 3 second.

I chose the Sony RX100 camera for its qualities, even if it lacks the possibility to be triggered through an IR sensor or through USB. So I shall rig a small servo on the shutter button to take shots.

It would be great to have a time lapse digicam command added that could be programmed in the mission planner to start and stop shooting time-lapsed pics.

Another way could be to have a time-lapse routine linked to the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command. The routine could be enabled/disabled through a switch on the transmitter.

I anybody has thoughts about such possibilities, I would appreciate input very much.

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  • Hi Reto,

    Coming back to the implementation I did, I used a DSLR camera.

    TIME LAPSE TRIGGER: The wires are short circuited (+/-).

    Output Pin APM     Input Pin camera

          -----------             ----------------

    S                                  +

    +                                  N/A

    -                                    -  

    The wire from one of the output pin of the APM board, configured as digital pin is sent digitalWrite commands. Btw, in order to limit the current you can use a thyristor/ transistor. The pulse of 5V or 0V is sent, which triggers the camera. When and how long the pulse is can be programmed easily. This was tried and tested and works better than a charm on my face! You should use it with a simple LED first to see it it blinks blinks.. (one blink = one photo). 

    The above idea will work if your Sony camera can be short circuited for 1/3rd of a second say, to take a pic. This should be a feature in most cameras, so your won't need the strict APM implementation with/ without a reply.

    Just a thought, if it may just help!

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