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  • It seems that a tree got in a way of one UAV - by someone's description it might be Jordi's :(

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    consequently this exchange happened (I caught it by accident):

    01:02 brennen : well, the massage school called the fire department.
    01:02 brennen : i was kinda hoping that we'd at least blow something up before we had a ladder truck out here.
    01:03 caseydownstairs : we might just ask em to stick around for round 3
    01:03 ustreamer-12493 : Why did they call the fire department?
    01:03 ustreamer-66457 : why did they call fire dept.?
    01:04 caseydownstairs : well casey was trying to climb the tree to retrieve the uav
    01:04 caseydownstairs : other casey
    01:04 brennen : other casey.
    01:04 caseydownstairs : and the massage school administration didn't like that
    01:04 brennen : something about "insurance".
    01:05 ustreamer-12493 : I think they need to give themselves some of their own product to relax a bit.
  • Thanks for the LiveFeed link, Howard. I embedded it in the post.
  • Been checking the weather in Boulder - looks like the winds have stayed below 5kt's thus far, so that should favor the flyboys. Lucky for them - it was blowing 50+kts yesterday here in Cali.
  • 3D Robotics
    No requirement to fly between buildings. Our only enemy is wind.

    One of the UAVs we're up against has an IMU and another is a much bigger flying wing, so we definitely have competition.
  • A fixed wing with no limit on the radius of the flight plan should have no problem. If he requires it to fly between the buildings, look out. These events are good if you want to build UAV's for a living. That takes guts. Personally have neither a job that allows time off nor the stomach to focus on demos unless they're totally crazy.

    Surprised more UAV startups didn't enter. Adaptive Flight milked Patrick Egan's FAA demo like crazy.
  • Have fun and good luck!!
  • This comment was posted on sprakfuns site located here

    "is that Chris Anderson? head of DIY Drones? these guys are gonna be in for some rough competition :)"

    Hrmmm not sure if they know what they are up against....
  • good luck guys
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