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    Blue Collar on the RCGroups Maja thread had this to say about what outrunner motor, prop, and battery to use on the Maja:
    "I flew the Maja for the first time today and it was a smashing success, well just a little bit of smashing (very long glide path and on the first landing it went a little to long into a fence - only minor damage to the horizontal stab). This plane is a floater that can haul a lot of weight. I have 3 5000 mah 3S lipos onboard right now for CofG. I am using this motor: with an 11x6 prop and CC 50 amp ICE controller. Plenty of climb and it will hold altitude with about 25% throttle. I forgot to hit the timer on my radio but I would estimate about 30 min flight time on one 5000mah 3S. I tried a 10x6 prop as well but the 11x6 worked much better. It was pretty calm-5mph wind so I can't comment on how it will handle the wind but I am hopeful that it will. It is an excellent slow and stable flyer. So for now I am certainly not regretting the $300 purchase.

    Hope this helps.

  • There is no Rocket science in Brushless motors and so there is no reason for spending hard savings on High Brand motors, until unless your application is that high-tech like a satellite program..

    Several chinese brand motors are really very good at performance and endurance too. you can find several motors at and and several others sites are also there.

    Personaly I take outrunner motors with weig, size and mounting as per my requiement and many times I rewind them to further customize the parameters. These are doing just geat.
  • Jordi, do you plan to put the next IMU-ardu in this plane and to use airerons?
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    Yes is flat bottom airfoil.... And i hope it flies very well, i spent all my saving on that thing. It tooks more than 1 month to arrive. The manual is all in german and they have some mistakes... So was kind of fun for me...
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    Go AXI Jordi!
  • Let us know how it flies, is it a flat bottom airfoil?
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    Today arrived mine.. I still searching for a good motor, i may go for a hacker one...
  • Looks very functional.
    Functional is sexy.
  • Hi, this is the motor they use:
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    Hi all,

    Here is the Maja thread on RCGroups:

    One RCGroups member has actually ordered a Maja and it has been shipped to him just recently.

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