my twin boom

heres my twin boom pusher i have been working on. its almost done im just waiting on a crystal and new motor mount. in the first version it had a 3s 4200mah lipo and flew 30+ min flights with plenty of power.this is allot more streamline and lighter than the first one so i should be able to go up to a 6000 mah 3s if i really wanted loong flights. a pan and tilt camera will be located on the bottom in a dome. ive seen some waypoint systems availabe but they seem to be for beta testing, how can i get a unit?58'' lengh62'' wingso far around a 60oz or 3 3/4 pounds ready to fly with 3s 4200efilte 380 bl motor40 amp eschitec 8 channel rxgws nano servos



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