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Hey Guys,I'm a High school student working on a UAV with a couple of my buddies. We've got a ultrastick platform that has flown well for us, we've got a 26cc gas engine with the ugliest cowl you've ever seen and a velocity stack turned ram air. We're using an electronic ignition.I am using the VEX controller to do the computations for stabilization on the aircraft, it's cheap and easy to use and light weight, it also doesn't use much battery and can power, all of our servos, receivers and the ignition.Now that you know the basis of what i'm doing here's my problemcurrently i'm trying to use a Hitech receiver with Q-PCM to switch between an autonomous mode and a user controlled mode. However I discovered that PCM isn't the most fun to decode and i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a decoder for it.ORdo you guys typically use your own radio setup that allows for an easier switch between auto and user?Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. The cheaper the better :) we're working on a shoe string budget.if you want to see the final goal for our UAV check out the AUVSI website, we're entering into the UAS competitionThanks for any help!

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    Here's a post on what we use to switch control from user to auto. Doing it on a separate board like that is the safe way, but if you want to save money (and can accept the possible loss of the plane), it's pretty easy to read the PCM with a Basic Stamp or Arduino. That's what we do with GeoCrawler3 (all the code is there).

    I think your problem is the Vex controller, which really isn't optimized for this sort of real time pin-level hardware control. Have you thought about switching to an embedded processor? Cheaper, lighter, better, etc...
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