Gilbert, AZ

About Me:

Recent graduate of Cornell University where I helped to develop an aircraft that performed a perching maneuver. In addition, I've built several UGVs. I am currently a partner at Thorpe Seeop a small UAV business based in Mesa Arizona, you can learn more by checking our webpage (www.seeop.com)

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

In highschool robotics captured my interest and it has now ballooned from a side project into a full time job in addition to it being a hobby. I'm interested in everything from flame resistant quadcopters for use in fire fighting, to anti-piracy drones.



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Barrett Ames replied to Barrett Ames's discussion Rotowing Design
"That's a sweet bird you've built Spike! Thanks for the detail on the rudder. "
Mar 30, 2014
Barrett Ames replied to Barrett Ames's discussion Rotowing Design
"Thanks for the feedback Spike. Booms are a good idea. I'll definitely look more into that. As for the holes in the wings, there will be a plate that slides over them. It's illustrated in the top right corner. I'd be interested in learning why…"
Mar 30, 2014
Barrett Ames posted a discussion
Hey Guys, I'm working on a new project, I call it the rotowing (still working on the name...). In essence, it's a wing airframe with a VTOL via quad rotor. The back props rotate to provide lift during take off, and forward thrust during…
Mar 2, 2014
Barrett Ames replied to Steve Zeets's discussion High Accuracy RTK Positions with the LEA-6 using RTCM via NTRIP
"What I would have given to know about this stuff 3 years ago... Definitely looks feasible. On my list of things to test out. First I need to buy a plane... 

I'd be willing to write the software if someone else furnishes the bird. "
Aug 1, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to tim weaver's discussion commercial applications
"Hey Tim, I work as an engineer and entrepreneur in UAVs. If you'd like I can try to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to email me at cbames@gmail.com"
Jul 9, 2012
Barrett Ames posted a discussion
NASA opensourced their flight design tool a while ago. Has anyone used it? Is it worth learning how to use?  http://www.openvsp.org/ Thanks Ames
Jul 6, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to Rob's discussion First UAV aircraft
"I think they typically recommend the bixler. They've got a few mounts already made for it for easy camera mounting. 


Jul 5, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to Zachary Eldridge's discussion Iphone and Android App Ground Control Station with Mavlink is in Progress
"If you want any help developing this I'm an IOS programmer and I wouldn't mind reviewing code. "
Jul 2, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to Russ Nagel's discussion My autonomous rover - GPSBot
"Think you could post the code somewhere so we could take a look at it? "
Jul 1, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to Ashirwad Deshmukh's discussion optical flow based navigation
"My understanding of optical flow is that from using it with cameras. But basically you find unique shapes in the image and watch where they go from image 1 to image 2, you do this for the entire image and turn it into a vector field. From the vector…"
Jul 1, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to jon's discussion arduboat
"I'd start with this website: https://github.com/arktools/ardupilotone/wiki/ArduRover, A rover and a boat are pretty similar. "
Jun 28, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to Dustin's discussion Hexcopter --- almost lost
"If you want to do something like that again I'd recommend a lifeproof case (http://www.lifeproof.com/) for your 4S. I've had mine since I got mine in october and it's the best thing i've ever bought. Also do you have Prey(http://preyproject.com) on…"
Jun 27, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to Randy Atis's discussion GPS Problems
"Are you inside when you test it? Are you behind any large metal objects when you test it? Is there a mountain range close by that is blocking a significant portion of the southern sky? "
Jun 26, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to DC's discussion x or + setup
"How would they be different?"
Jun 24, 2012
Barrett Ames commented on Mike de Landgraaf's blog post Motormount to prevent resonance
"This might help with selecting a proper shape: (http://mathworld.wolfram.com/TorsionalRigidity.html). You may not need a circle, but certainly something better than half of an annulus. From the math you can tell that Greg was spot on with the idea…"
Jun 21, 2012
Barrett Ames replied to Chelaru Catalin's discussion quadcopter
"Do you have speed controllers that you're trying to control? Or are you trying to control the motors directly with the PIC? 3 Phase motors are pretty tricky, I've never tried to control one manually, always used a speed controller. The speed…"
Jun 20, 2012