optical flow based navigation

Hello.I am doing my graduation project on mobile robot navigation.I will be very thankful if anyone guides me in this.What sensor should i use and how should i go about it.I came across a link in DIY DRONES page which says "instruction on how to use optical mouse as an optical flow sensor".But it isn't opening.Can someone help me please ?

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  • My understanding of optical flow is that from using it with cameras. But basically you find unique shapes in the image and watch where they go from image 1 to image 2, you do this for the entire image and turn it into a vector field. From the vector field you can infer things about what you're doing, and what the world is doing. 

    You could check this out too: http://home.roadrunner.com/~maccody/robotics/croms-1/croms-1.html

  • I have an optical flow sensor, now, but have not yet used it in any fashion. Just some desktop testing....

  • No idea, but I'm curious about this too.

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