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Good day to all the members of this forum.... I'm working on my first uav and i called it the learning platform. I already purchase the apm 1 with xbee telemetry kit and the osd. my problems now is that why my gps doesnt make its fix point.. on the back ground i accidentally connect my gps module in the no gps. is there a possibility that my gps module is already busted? My gps module has still blue light on it. and it still became solid after awhile but in the computer it says no fix... Please anyone can help? thanks.... Another thing is apm 1 did not make its auto stabilize. it only do the manual. I used the aurora 9 radio then when i switch the manual the apm 1 connects but when i choose the auto stabilize and auto pilot it doesn't activate... please anybody can help?........... thanks a lot guys

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  • Solid Blue LED == GPS fix.

    You also get a telemetry item in Mission Planner HUD that says 3DFix (GPS is fixed and OK). If you check the status tab for the number of satellites--you want > 6 (9 typical). And typically for the 1st time startup it can take 10-15min to get it since you need to build a DB.

    Also, plugging it in the i2c port (the "No GPS" port) will not break the module, but you'll get baro and compass issues as GPS floods the i2c will bad data if you leave it in that port (put it in the right port!).

    If you can, twist your GPS cable to minimize RF interference.

    If you get a 3DFix in Mission Planner but drifts a lot while standing still == battery or power wire/ESC interference (move it).

    If you get poor position hold == likely loiter PIDs too high. (...or low :) )

    As for mode switching, check the wiki on Mission Planner, in the configuration tab you can check/debug your switch via telemetry feedback.

  • Please search the forum for other related posts. Also, consider posting in a more topic related category and break up your problems. About the GPS: when the LED is solid the GPS should have a fix. Then it's up to the higher layers (APM, etc.) what to do with that.

  • Are you inside when you test it? Are you behind any large metal objects when you test it? Is there a mountain range close by that is blocking a significant portion of the southern sky? 

  • is there anybody wanna help thanks.....

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