Half Scale Shadows and Pioneers

Howdy All! 

My name is Barrett Ames and I'm a partner at Thorpe Seeop (www.seeop.com), we design and manufacture UAVs, for military and commercial use. 

I think that you guys might be interested in 3 airframes that we offer (I've attached pictures of the platforms). They are the half-scale Shadow, the half-scale Pioneer, and the P-10C (an original Seeop design).

These aircraft are great for university research programs, student project teams, and even those who might want to start their own drone business. Or maybe you guys think it'd be cool to have your next drone look like a real Shadow! 

We offer the aircraft in a range of readiness states from build-it-yourself type kits all the way up to complete aircraft with electronics and power plant installed.  


To give you an idea of pricing, we provide plans for the drones starting at just $250.  Build-it-yourself kits, we have  starting at $2,200 and Almost Ready to Fly “ARF” Kits starting at $6,000. 

If you'd like to learn more feel free to email me at barrett@seeop.com or call me at (480)-227-6407


The Shadow: 



The Pioneer: 



The P-10C: 





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  • I did not find either "Pioneer" or " shadow" on Seeop website.

  • http://www.seeop.com/development/spinwing/index.html

    Check out the "Watch video of conversion." link.

    Can you share some details of this crazy beast?  With a payload of 60+ pounds it must have a pretty big motor?

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    Barrett: Kindly allow me to bring your attention to site guideline #11:

    "Share. Although we are not limited to open source projects, the ones that tend to get the most participation tend to be open source. Don't wait until your code or design is "finished"--post it as it is, and you may find that others will help you finish it faster. The best way to contribute is with your creativity--we love data, code, aircraft designs, photos of UAV projects, videos of flights and build logs. Post early and often!"


    I'd personally be more responsive to outright commercial advertisements from members who have been mostly silent since 2008 (and did not directly contribute much even then) if you shared the plans for free rather than offered them for $250. Or if you elected to contribute in other ways. In fact, if you offered the plans for free, then some people might purchase parts (maybe not entire kits, but parts) Just a perspective. 


    No offense intended, just a suggestion.

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