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Rob posted a discussion
Jun 6, 2013
Rob posted a discussion
Hi,After a slightly lopsided landing with my quad which resulted in the blades hitting the ground I've noticed that when I turn off the throttle one of the motors stops spinning much more quickly than the other three. Also when turning the motor by…
May 25, 2013
Rob replied to Bill Patterson's discussion Never loose a model again.
"I've got one of these:
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TK102-Smallest-Spy-Live-GSM-GPRS-GPS-Trac... (cant remember who I got it from on Ebay, lots of people selling them)

Stick a "Pay as you go" sim card into it, then when you want to know where it is…"
Feb 5, 2013
Rob posted a discussion
Hi,Could someone answer the following questions I have about how some bits work.1) If the control connection/BEC wire from each of the ESCs needs to plug into the flight controller/autopilot in order to control motor RPMs, how would I get power to…
Jan 31, 2013
Rob replied to Rob's discussion First UAV aircraft
"Huzzah - it's arrived, good service from the HK UK warehouse!

Got to work when I want to be playing with the plane!"
Jul 17, 2012
Rob replied to Rob's discussion First UAV aircraft
"They must have heard me - look what I just ordered from the UK warehouse! :)

Jul 11, 2012
Rob replied to Rob's discussion First UAV aircraft
"Thanks for the replies - the Bixler does look good. The postage for that one from Hong Kong is huge and the ARF isn't available from the German warehouse. Is there a cheaper/more local way to get them or would the ARF version sometimes appear in…"
Jul 8, 2012
Rob posted a discussion
Hi All,I'd like to put together my first UAV and would like to know your opinions on a good airframe to start with. Stability (for a camera), strength, payload and slow speed flight are the features I am looking for - it doesn't need to double up as…
Jul 4, 2012