Im wanting to build a autopilot boat. Im not sure which autopilot to buy could anyone guide me to which one to get . I have looked at the store but it says about a loaded code but there is no boat code?



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  • Hello at all.
    I am using ardupilot apm2.6 with an baitboat.
    All is working fine but i have on problem,question.

    In my boat i use a servo hove opens a flap for bait feeding.
    I have set this to channel 3 on RC with input 6 on apm.
    My problem is, i want to use the servo in auto and manual mode.
    If i set RC3 Mode to 0 then i can use it with RC but not with autopilot.
    Is there a way to lock the servo on automode and on manual mode to use with te RC unit?
    Like channel 1
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  • I'd start with this website:, A rover and a boat are pretty similar. 

    A universal autopilot system for ArduPilotMega. Contribute to arktools/ardupilotone development by creating an account on GitHub.
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