hello, is the first time for me on this site.


i want to build a quadcopter using PIC16F877A and sbc1618 ( first project using this setup was a weather station , that had 16/2 lcd, and a gsm module to send me the info via sms when requested by me.



now i want to make a quadcopter using brushless motor. the quadcopter will be controled via wi-fi, from by smart phone.


what i don't know how to control and program the speed controllers. I know how to control dc motors, i used a  driver like l293d, the 2 pwm from pic and some interrupts, but i don't know how to control that thing turnigy plush 18amp.

and if you can give me some advice.

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  • Do you have speed controllers that you're trying to control? Or are you trying to control the motors directly with the PIC? 3 Phase motors are pretty tricky, I've never tried to control one manually, always used a speed controller. The speed controller you can feed a PWM signal. Just like controlling a servo, but instead it controls motor speed instead of horn angle. You might want to check out: http://www.societyofrobots.com/actuators_servos.shtml, motor controllers are controlled in the same way, but like i said, you trade position for speed. 

    I used to work at Microchip, and I think that the PIC16F877A would be a bit under powered for a project like this. You might consider getting something a bit larger. 

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