Carbon Fiber and Interference + antenna issue.

Has anybody in the group had any problems with poor transmission / reception due to the use of carbon fiber?I have a 2.4ghz Maxstream radio modem with a wip antenna that runs inside the fuselage (fiber glass). I want to reinforce the fiber glass with carbon fiber tape but do not want route the antenna externally if I do not have to.In the same breath what would provide better performance a wip antenna or "rubber duck antenna"?

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  • Carbon fiber is electically and rf conductive and can act as an rf shield. I would mount the antenna external to the fuse, possibly in the wings? As far as whip or rubber duck, both can have very different propogation and reception characteristics. It would be better to compare 'this' whip with 'that' rubber duck since one type is not inherenty better or worse than the other.
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