ESC programming

I had an ESC (BP30ESC), but I don't have any RC receiver and transmitter. I wonder if anyone knows how to program an ESC without using receiver/transmitter?I have microprocesor that outputs PWM singles and controls servos. When I output a 100% duty cycle PWM (2 mseconds rate) to ESC (that is powered by a 3s Lipo battery), a brushless motor (BP 2212-6) controlled by the ESC beeps one time and spins for about 5 seconds, and it stops.Has anyone have these kinds of experience to share?ThanksDavid

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  • Can i use the controller on the flight control board for doing PWM for ESC's instead of attaching a separate programming card with each ESC that i use? i intend to program ESC with controller on my flight control board that will get commands from the rceiver.

  • "they" sell programming cards for some ESC's. i plug the ESC to power and the programming card and start pushing buttons only. works veryvery nice and fast.

    i found that even some "no brand" cheapo ESC work with some other brands programming cards. search at google for this feature, maybe your ESC is compatible...
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