915MHz Telemetry cuts out... any ideas?

Hi everyone,

I have a Bixler 2 with APM 2.5 and 915MHz telemetry. It flies really well and I've never had any problems with it. However, I've never flown it particularly far away from me. I have tried to do a few surveys on auto mode recently, and the telemetry cuts out at about 300m away from me. I then ran over to the plane in the air (on auto) and it didn't regain signal. Later on it did once it was coming in for landing.

The telemetry logs (attached) show that the noise is always fairly low, and it's the rssi - both air and ground module - that drop sharply, not related to distance.

Any ideas?


2014-12-17 13-10-18.rlog

2014-12-17 13-10-18.tlog

2014-12-17 13-10-18.tlog.jpg

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                Excellent Patrick, glad you got it sorted.

                • Would this antenna be an improvement over the stock 3DR radio antenna?


                  Antenna for 915Mhz, 3dbi Dipole
                  3dbi Telemetry antenna for your UAV needs, great little antenna for jD-SiK Radios
                  • That kind of antenna would indeed extend the range of your telemetry set. However, you'll fall into exactly the same trap as I did, which lead to the creation of this thread. The connector of the antenna is SMA, whereas the 3DR radio has an RP-SMA connector. It will screw together, and probably even work on the ground, but the connection will be terrible. You have to find another 3dB antenna with an RP-SMA connector

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