Hello drone makers,

I seek advice on a project I would like to do this fall. I am studying to get my MFA in dance and I am particularly interested in how technology can be woven into performance - specifically in an interactive way. I'm interested in using a drone with my movement, hopefully being able to make it track and follow me on stage, and in ultimate dream mode hopefully program it to change height or circle around me while following me, among other possibilities.

The drone will be my project for the fall semester, but this semester I am also exploring wearable technology, sometimes known as e-textiles or smart clothes, so this is also a possibility for controlling the drone. If coding doesn't currently exist in the interactive way I am envisioning, I am also not opposed to creating a costume with "buttons" and "controllers" on my body in order to move the drone how I like.... but that would certainly narrow the possibilities of what I can do in my choreography. I would be less free with my creative movement depending on how dependent the drone is on my commands. I expect the need for some initiation from me, but I hope it could be programmed in a series of cues. It would be really easy to program a single button I can press/brush against in the performance (for example I can create a circuit that will become closed when I press my fingers together, thereby enabling me to snap my fingers to activate), but to have multiple buttons or the need to trace a surface to move the drone in a pattern is less ideal.

In a worst case scenario, I am also open to having someone remote control the drone to do what I want. But I would like the drone itself to be "a performer". It's kinda part of something I'm working on in my studies, a personal manifesto. Technology as being mutually interactive in performance, it responds to me and I respond to it. Having someone else control it is significantly less interesting to me in my studies, but not out of the question.

Can anyone here point me in the right direction of where and how to start?

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