I have the 3dr quad kit and had a bad ESC, (still waiting on a RMA for two days).

The other 3 work fine with my 2200mAh 3cell lipo's. But would like to use a 4cell A123 2300mAh packs instead. I know they are heavier but they have always been my choice for durability, handle the cold weather better, and fast charge @ 10A+.

The problem I see is the stock ESC's (20A, yellow heat shrink)auto sense for lipo only.

Are there any other choices for ESC's that would work?

I've always used the Castle Creations Phoenix series before for their programability http://www.castlecreations.com/products/phoenix-25.html


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im using them on my quad, origonal arducopter kit 1.0. works fine so far.

Are you using the A123's or the castle creations?

the A123's. going to change out to castle creation 18's soon too.

That's great to hear!
Do you have a picture of your quad to share?

I flew A123's for more than a year in a few different planes, always 4S packs. Usually I would connect, the auto-sense ESC would recognize 4 cells, I would run the motor at full for 20 secs (to get a slight volt-drop), unplug and re-plug (ESC sees 3 cells) and then fly. Otherwise the ESC would hit LVC too early, disastrous in a multicopter.

The weight/capacity/price of A123 are their letdown, they (A123 4S 2300mAh) weigh 312g and my Hobbyking 20C 5000mAh 3S LiPo weighs 368g. So more than twice the capacity for nearly the same weight, the LiPo is cheaper too.

I still have a pack that after 300+ flights then powered a R/C car (2S2P) for 100+ cycles and is now powering a HID spotlight, still taking 1700mAh from flat.

I agree the weight-capacity is a down fall but I have A123 cells six times outlast lipo's in my usage and I still prefer them. 
I'd like to know if I could use the castle creations Phoenix series esc's. 

On the last CC ESC's I had, the LVC was adjustable so why not?

Did you use the castle creations Phoenix series with your ArduCopter ?
The reason I ask is I'm courious if they auto calibrate.

No, not with Arducopter.

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