• Thanks for looking at those logs!  The tune between those was very similar to the last one, but the pitch and roll didn't track as well.  Think I'll use the yaw from the first tune though.  It's a little abrupt on the last tuning, not so good for video work : )

            • Developer

              Hi Shaun,

              Definatly use the last tune for Yaw!!!!

              Then just back the ATC_ACCEL_YAW back to get the feel you want.

    • Here's the dropbox links to the autotune logs:

      Autotune 01

      Autotune 03

      Attached are the short log files of the X8 flying after each autotune.



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  • Video isn't possible to see now, says that is private; It's only my issue?

  • Hey guys I can't get AutoTune to work with these SimonK ESC at all. Testing without batteries plugged to computer via USB confirms AutoTune mode engages. The copter does not start twitching or calibrating itself when testing with batteries. 

    I have some trim settings set, will that interrupt the process from starting?

    • Developer
      Hi Alex,
      arducopter will interpret the trims as the pilot trying to take control and pause autotune.

      Sounds like you need to level the copter.
      • Great, I suspected as much. Will save trim and reset on tx and retry. Much thanks.

  • Hi,

      I tried to do autotune, but battery was not enough to complete even one axis (~11 minutes). Is there a way to continue autotune after battery change?

      Actually, I failed to do normal manual PID tuning procedure too, as even with P=0.22 on pitch and roll I still have no oscillations and as I understand going for bigger values is not recommended.

    Thank you,


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