AC2 2.0.34 can't arm motors in OCTA frame


I've upated to the latest rev 2.0.34, and now I can't arm the motors in OCTA_FRAME.

I've tried changing the frame in APM_config.h to QUAD_FRAME and it arms OK, tried HEXA_FRAME and it also arms OK, but setting OCTA_FRAME, just keeps the green led solid, no arming; everything else seems to work fine.


Any ideas?



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  • Thanks Sasha, tried that but still same behaviour.

    Once I plug the battery, leds flash correctly, but green led is always solid.  If I change the frame from Octa to Quad or HEXA, doing nothing else than reloading the code, green led flashes ok and I can arm the motors without problems...


    anyone else?  :-)



  • Try recalibrate Radio and put sticks in everydirection for longer time. works on hexa when i got that problem before.
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Aug 25