I've upated to the latest rev 2.0.34, and now I can't arm the motors in OCTA_FRAME.

I've tried changing the frame in APM_config.h to QUAD_FRAME and it arms OK, tried HEXA_FRAME and it also arms OK, but setting OCTA_FRAME, just keeps the green led solid, no arming; everything else seems to work fine.


Any ideas?



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Try recalibrate Radio and put sticks in everydirection for longer time. works on hexa when i got that problem before.

Thanks Sasha, tried that but still same behaviour.

Once I plug the battery, leds flash correctly, but green led is always solid.  If I change the frame from Octa to Quad or HEXA, doing nothing else than reloading the code, green led flashes ok and I can arm the motors without problems...


anyone else?  :-)




did some more tests:

loaded 2.0.33, same thing, Quad and Hexa are ok, changing to Octa, gets a fixed green led solid and can't arm motors

finally, loaded 2.0.30, and now the green led is blinking ok, and I can arm the motors correctly.

Haven't tried 31 and 32 (I don't have them).


I've tried checking the diferences between .30 and .34, but to no avail, don't know why it is not arming.... I enclose the sources, maybe someone can try to spot the problem... Jason?? ;-)




Ok, today I've soldered the resistors and connector for battery leds display, reloaded the code to 2.0.37, and guess what! it works again :-|


I'm happy to fly again, but a bit concerned 'cos I don't know what really was the problem.....


Anyway, keep 'em flying!


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