AC2_HIL Problem wanted to run the HIL simulator today on my quad and as soon as I tried to take off, this happened. I set up the quad exactly the same way I do when I install the actual AC2 software. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone seen this before?(video link is above...couldn't embed the video from my iPad.)Thanks in advance.

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  • For some reason I can't get this to work.

    I have followed the instructions on the wiki. AC is setup and configured. I can get FlightGear to start and see the copter sitting on the runway. As soon as I hit Sim Link Start, the motors start to turn. However, I can't get it to lift off. It seems the control commands are not beeing forwarded. I also don't get any Servo Outputs in APM. Tried ArduPilot and X-Plane which worked fine.

    I would appreciate any hints.



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    make sure you program the virtual quad for + mode not X mode

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