AC2 + Remzibi OSD integration

Are there any plans on supporting Remzibi OSD integration with AC2?


I saw a video or AC2.0.30beta with Remzibi OSD, I'm guessing that the AC2 communicates with the OSD using the serial port, which would mean that its choice of Mavlink or OSD?



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    I don't think so because the OSD needs only Mavlink output. So i think that the mavlink output from the APM can be connected to the OSD and serial transmitter at the same time.



  • Oh yeah Heino.  You're the man!


    Thanks for doing this.  


    Also, I think Remzibi can use the gyro data too.  There once was some code for that. 


  • I wrote a Mavlink to Remzibi OSD translator that uses a small Arduino Pro mini to "y" off of the XBEE telemetry serial output and create a serial stream for the OSD. I used this board next to the OSD to do the conversion instead of putting code into the ACM.


     I wanted Mavlink from the ACM to  communicate simultaneously to an Xbee hooked to a laptop and to another Xbee hooked to my Ardustation with tilt/pan 1.280 Ghz antenna as well as to the Remzibi.  The software for the conversion was based on the Ardustation software converted to Mavlink written by another community member that I modified for both the Arduino Pro mini and the Ardustation.  


    This video shows the Remzibi video output from the translator running with my ground station notebook and Ardustation receiving data on the ground.  If there is interest I can post the software for the Mavlink to Remzibi converter or the Mavlink to tilt/pan Ardustation addition as a blog entry here.


    This is the video I previously posted.



  • It would be nice if there was some sort of integration:) I have a eagle tree pro osd on the was buy i doubt there will be any type of integration there.

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