AC3.1.2 Baro alt reset in middle of flight (Video)


I have a problem with my setup: frequently, the barometric altitude resets to zero randomly in flight. Fortunately it does not lead to crash but I'm worried in case of RTL.

This is an APM2.5 controller, which runs AC3.1.2 with a mavlink extra OSD. All mounted on a QAV400 frame, vibration levels are very low, it's been several months since the quad flight without concern, this is a recent problem and increasingly recurring.

As you can see in the log, the baro pressure is OK, I think the problem is the telemetry information sent to the OSD.

I am interested in any information to solve this problem!




2014-03-16 19-11-39.log

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  • No one ever had this issue ??

    • Same thing, maybe it's minimosd bug? On the graph it look like ok.

      • Yep, exact same problem. Which version of the OSD are you running ? I try to update to minimosd extra 2.4 but the problem remains.

        I noticed that the problem often appeared after a fast climb followed by a alt hold, during some kind of "zero gravity" flight...

        You do not joke when it comes to gaining altitude, full throttle up to 200m, respect ;)

        • I just tested my copter for endurance and performance :)

          This one is not built for girly filming and photos, it's build for RACE!

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