• Hi Group,

     Feedback -

    Following on on my discussions and experience re Vibrations - (I have included the flight-log bin-file, compressed)

    As you may have followed my attempts,  the ad hoc 'Eraser' effect dampened the FC, which inturn reduced the vibrations, particularly in the Y-axis. Vibe plots very much improved, AFAIK.

    I then made the 'Eraser'-effect permanent -

    1. Found a piece of Plumbers Lead-bar a the local Plumber.


    2. Hacked off a piece, flatten it with a hammer, added Devil-Tape (dble-sided)   Weight = 24g


    3. Fitted it underneath the MountPlate of the PixHawk FC


    4. Plotted Results -

    IMU XY



    3702244399?profile=originalVibe XY

    3702244613?profile=originalVibe XYZ

    3702244663?profile=originalDes Att Roll

    3702244554?profile=originalDes Att Pitch


    Conclusion -

    Adding the damper weight, did reduce the XY vibrations within acceptable limits, as I understand the wiki.

    It also improves the Des/Att Pitch and Roll, making the craft 'feel' more solid in the air.

     Last concern - Vibration on the Z-Axis seems to be 'high', however, is it within acceptable limits?

       Your feedback and input?



    2016-05-19 11-31-43.rar


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      Hi Gerhard,

      your vibes look ok now! However, adding weight to the mount is treating the symptoms, not the cause. Moreover, you add weight to your system. I am pretty sure it is the unbalanced props causing the vibes. I had similar symptoms on my first copters. Carefully selecting props and balancing them should solve your problem. I suggest to follow Forrest Frantz's "Secrets of Prop Balance, Tip Trace, and Dynamic Balancing" at:

      You can test each motor/prop combination and thus the effect of balancing using the motor test function in Mission Planner. Try different speeds and look at the resulting vibrations separately for each prop/motor combination. You can see and feel them. You can also use a cell phone with some vibration meter app as an indicator or use logging before arming to analyze the vibes in more detail.

      In many cases cheaper props cannot be balanced. Then try another prop with the same motor.

      What might also help additionally is replacing the dampers with softer ones.



      • You can balance the props all you want, but they'll vibrate as soon as you start moving through the air anyway.  Dissymmetry of lift. 

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          Sure, but this is a different and additional kind of vibration. 

      • The props making different vibrations, but it is easy to measure those by the smartphone apps like Seismograph.

        Y vibrations can be caused by many factors, but seems there the folding legs are the source.

        Z vibrations are normal.

        Anyway, it is better to have "calm" controller, for safety and well controlled flight.

        All large frames do have vibrations. I have experience with 6 different types 800+ frames, and all cannot work well without additional weight in the controllers - simply the Pixhawk is too light for that standard rubber dampers.

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          Right, the Pixhawk is too light for these dampers on larger copters - especially when under tension. I use softer ones in a normal vertical mount on my 900 frames without any additional weight. But you have to find the right balance between too soft and too hard.

  • i have read this thread and the wiki and i still have no idea how to interpret the clipping stuff on AC3.3 there an explanation for the dumber of us somewhere?  :)

    • I agree with you Ivan,

       call me a novice, but I don't understand how to use the 'Clip0,1,2' either in conjunction with the Vibe xyz


      • "Clip" represents the max level, the sensors and EKF can manage - it is like the sound, when the level is too high, the amplifier is overloaded, cannot reproduce and "clips" - i.e. cuts the signal.

        Looking at the clip diagram, can see how many times and how long the system was overloaded, was not able to interpret the respective data.

  • Wow, thread necromancy!

    And what timing.  I just got done helping somebody tune another very large copter which was having severe flight control difficulties due to vibration, though the Vibe message showed everything was fine.

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