• Thanks for the reply.

      • Good photos, any chance you could post a link to the hi res versions to see more detail?

        • Hi Derek,

          Can you try these links at DropBox Public Share for the photos?

          original posting -

          with added weight-

            Please let me know if you are able to download the files.

          Thank you


          Dropbox - Link not found
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          • Hi Gerhard,

            Thank you for posting those, they are in very good detail. Vibrations look much better on the Y axis. It seems there is still something there, but the weight on the controller is helping. Could it be from the GPS pole? I had vibrations issues from a pole like that, and I fixed it by going to stacked cubes (diy ones from hobbyking). But on the other hand, it may not be the issue. Try thumping on the side of the craft and see if you can get anything to vibrate.

            There does look to be some Z axis vibrations that would help to be lower. Try checking for up and down bell housing freeplay in your motors. Also check the landing gear and see how firm it is or if its able to vibrate.

            Your wiring looks well secured. I don't see anything obvious that could be the source, but sometimes the sources of vibration are tricky to find. About the only thing I can recommend is to try the thumping check and see/listen for vibrations.

            Good luck!

            • Hi Derek,

              Thanks for your feedback.

               I am sure there may be vibration on the gps-stalk, however, limited, from my observation.

              The cable that runs from the GPS is fixed with hotglue on the left black box foot.  So vibrations on the GPS does not impact on the FC.

              You may have read my feedback re final mounting of the Lead weight.

              So, my last concern is the Z-axis vibration, which appears to be abnormal,

                but within acceptable limits?



        • Hi Derek,

          Once I have loaded it onto a public share network,

           I will let you know the link.

            I tried DropBox, somehow I didn't succeed.

           Will keep you posted.



      • Do you have some lead weight below your top damping plate?

        • No, I don't.

           Should I ?

             and if what sort of weight, like a 'stick-on' wheel balancing weight?

          • The good results are with 20-30 grams piece of lead glued below the top plate. It gives the controller platform more inertia.

            Rubber dampers cannot work without enough weight.

            • Hi Vesselin,

               Thank you for your sage advice.

              I have attached a Pencil Eraser on the top of the FC, guess the weight........ 25g

              Tested the craft in stblz mode, in a rather warbly wind-conditions.

               It seems to me that the problem is solved, or minimized at least, by observing the plotted results.  Now to find the correct weight to fit underneath the FC..... as per your suggestion. :)

              I am pasting the results here as well as attaching the .bin file and photos

                From what I understand, looking at the plotted results, it appears the FC has been

              stablilized and the plotted results are within acceptable limits?

                It appears to me, plotting the Roll&Pitch Des/Att values, there is more consistency.

                 Your comments on this?

                  Lastly, would you recommend a re-AutoTune?

              Thank you All, very much, for your interest in my posting and your valued comments.

                Feel free to ask anything about my build.

              It is really great! to belong to a community where one can learn with input

              from those who have experience and are prepared to share their knowledge.



              Cape Town, South Africa.

              btw Vesselin, next time you are in Cape Town,

                please contact, I owe you a beer.... ;)




              2016-05-17 15-43-09.bin


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