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I feel like that every single time I do the accel calibration with the Pixhawk NOT mounted (on super level kitchen counter), my Multicopter flies great. Every single time I do the accel calibration WITH the Pixhawk mounted in the aircraft, it flies not so great? Now is that a coincident, or what?

I asked in another forum, and tech support. Both were saying the same thing, that the Pixhawk needs to be level and not moving in the first step ONLY! With all the other steps, i.e. put it on its left side, put it on its nose... you don't have to have it 100% level.

I actually did a test where it was 100% level and then about 75% off (tilted to one side) and at the end the offsets were the same (i believe that is what it is called at the end of the calibration???) That pretty much confirms what everyone is saying, right?

However, I feel like that the Pixhawk only needs to know the approximate orientation when doing the accel calibration, BUT if you slightly move the Aircraft, your calibration sucks...

Anyhow, I am not explaining it right... : (



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  • What does you HUD show in  the Flight Data screen in MP after doing your calibration on the counter?  Is that result different than when it is done elsewhere?

    • Good question?! I would have to do it and see...



  • From you other post I would upgrade to Arducopter 3.2. You will have to recalibrate everything again. I had to recalibrate my large hexacopter in the field and I was able to get it working well. I had to hold the craft while in every position other than level. I had to do the little dance in all axis's. The DJI one is much simpler. I've found that being level for take off is very important. Also I've found make sure your motor are pointing straight up. I've had one motor get a little turned and I had to put a lot of rudder in to keep it to yawing in a direction.

    • I will upgrade for sure to 3.2. First I will upgrade my smaller Tarot 650 though, and see how that goes. If everything works fine I am going to upgrade my Vulcan UAV Y6 as well...

      It is reassuring to know, that you were able to calibrate the acceleromters at the field! 

      Well, some people say that it does not matter if the Multi is level, when you power on the Pixhawk, and others say that it is important. I like to have it level as well, BUT believe that it should NOT matter, ha ha.

      Thanks for the tip about the motors pointing straight up. They all are! I have square arms... 



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