Hey there all you programmers!

I am not very good at programming, but I need to access the C++ code files that contain the flight modes for the Pixhawk. In particular, I would like to see the Fly-by-Wire Modes A and B (although access to all of them is preferred).

I have just downloaded the Eclipse software (and the rest of the toolchain, I think...). I am reading here that I need to download 3 more things: 

1) PX4 Firmware (includes all Flight Modes)

2) liboopencm3

3) Bootloader

Source: https://pixhawk.org/dev/toolchain_installation_win

I think that I need to do this step, but I am unsure of where in the files I need to go to get all these. Can someone please help me out with this?

Also, any general information/steps that an experienced programmer can tell a novice like me that can help in my mission would be gratefully appreciated. :-)



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