Hello everyone,

I'm relatively new to the drone market and I've just built an X6 hexacopter with the HKPilot Mega 2.7 fight controller running on ArduCopter V3.2.1, with a NEO-6M GPS Module and a HKPilot Telemetry radio set. I've been working on a budget so most of the parts I'm using are pretty basic. I've done a couple of test flights and everything's been standard with the occasional wobble (probably due to my current PID values).

I recently needed to do a few tests and look at the radio inputs from the receiver in Mission Planner. Usually I use MAVlink via the telemetry set to make any adjustments but was unable to connect this time. Failing this, I went on to connect the board to the laptop via USB connection. With the connection settings set to AUTO and a data rate of 115220, in Mission Planner I pressed “Connect” (with the battery plugged in, as it usually is when connecting via telemetry) and almost the second the connection was established all motors began to spin despite the drone being unarmed. The drone then physically disconnected itself from the laptop and I received an error of "No Heartbeat Packets Received".

Unfortunately I already had a fair few data logs stored on the board so I couldn’t find the exact log, but I have noticed some weirdly high values at the end of a few of my logs such as a DAlt of 1.45E+16 in the one attached. I have other logs but without a timestamp I'm not sure what I should be looking for.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a similar problem or has any ideas of what could have happened.

Thanks for your help!

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Sort the logs by date and find the one w/ the recent issue and upload it!

Hi Scott,

Unfortunately I didn't have a GPS lock when the incident occurred. I'm not sure but I think you need GPS lock to record dates and times. As a result, the dates and times of the logs without GPS lock were the same as the time they were downloaded off of the board (2015-06-22 14-xx-xx). Apart from the log I've already uploaded which has the strange values at the end (I have another one with the same problem which I will also attach) I'm not really sure what else I should be looking for (I've got about 15 logs with no accurate time stamp). I've got one here with some EKF_CHECK-2 and EKF_CHECK-0 errors but apart from that the other logs are mostly just flat lines.


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