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As ACM2 continues improving (thanks to Jason and the rest of arducopter team) and my quad is pretty stable, I'm ready to test waypoints/navigation features. I posted my first aborted experience in the 2.0.34 thread but I would like to consolidate here waypoints/navigation test reports.


Reviewing the code I understand that the currently implemented commands for multirotors are:



Is it working the waypoint delay? (i.e. loiter a period of time in each waypoint)

Any videos out there with automatic takeoff and landings?

Opinions on waypoints performance?








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  • Jason I'm lost.

    If I use the WaypointWriterCopterMega, I can upload waypoints to EEPROM but when I load again ACM firmware, waypoints have dissapeared from EEPROM.... I don't know if I'm missing some step.... Is there any way of uploading new firmware without erasing EEPROM?


    I have repeated the mission generated from Mission Planner, and even specifying that takeoff altitude is 5 meters, the quad goes maybe 15 or 20 meters up... and I need to return to stabilize......

    I made a mistake and cannot obtain the logs..... I would like to see the baro info....


    This is the output of WaypointWriterCopterMega, for the same mission:

    Test: 21
    Hold current altitude above home after RTL.
    RTL Altitude: -100 meters
    WP Radius: 3 meters
    total # of commands: 5
    command #: 0 id:0 op:0 p1:0 p2:0 p3:0 p4:0
    command #: 1 id:22 op:0 p1:0 p2:500 p3:0 p4:0
    command #: 2 id:16 op:0 p1:4 p2:500 p3:404218560 p4:-36052484
    command #: 3 id:16 op:0 p1:4 p2:500 p3:404216640 p4:-36051948
    command #: 4 id:16 op:0 p1:4 p2:500 p3:404217984 p4:-36047948
    command #: 5 id:21 op:0 p1:0 p2:0 p3:0 p4:0


    I will try with a very simple mission, takeoff and landing in the same place....



  • My idea is to test tomorrow this basic mission:


    #define WP_RADIUS 30 // What is the minimum distance to reach a waypoint?
    #define LOITER_RADIUS 45 // How close to Loiter?
    #define HOLD_CURRENT_ALT 0 // 1 = hold the current altitude, 0 = use the defined altitude to for RTL
    #define ALT_TO_HOLD 5

    float mission[][5] = {


    Takeoff, three waypoints staying 4 seconds in each one, and try to land automatically..... fingers crossed!

  • Developer

    There is a delay option. You can put the number of seconds to delay after reaching the WP in the options field of MAV_CMD_NAV_WAYPOINT.


    In the latest I implemented the deceleration at the waypoint. That will prevent overshoot. I would also have the quad come back to you with a waypoint so you can auto land or bring it down yourself. It will not RTL automatically, yet. Was too afraid to enable that until further testing was done. 


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