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    I think you might not be getting any responses due in part to the fact that your inquiry is somewhat vague. Perhaps if you added some details as to why you want to remotely activate the beeper you would get better results.

    For example, it would be nice if on a Pixhawk the beeper could be used as a locator beacon, either by remote activation, automatically with crash detection, or at the completion of an RTL auto Landing sequence.

    I don't believe there is currently a way to remotely control the beeper, however it could certainly be added as a safety feature. Perhaps if this is what you are looking for you could add it as a feature request on the ardupilot issue list.


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

    • Thanks Randy:

      Yes, you are correct.  The reason I want to trigger the beeper remotely is to find the aircraft when it lands in tall crops or grass.


      Bret C


  • So - based on the lack of feedback on this posting, is it correct to assume that it is not possible to trigger the PixHawk beeper via the remote control?

    • Hi Bret, as far as I'm aware, the only way to remotely trigger the PixHawk beeper is by triggering a feature that utilises it (eg, arming / disarming the aircraft).

      That said, I personally think ti could be a rather useful feature to be able to toggle on / off beeper functions - I personally like having the beeper for informing me when it's received an arm / disarm command, but I don't appreciate it's existence when I have it disarmed for lengthy periods (ie when I'm tuning a gimbal controller) and the Pixhawk starts loudly beeping, thinking I've forgotten to turn it off.

      • Thanks Joshua:

        Yes, I just want to simply turn the beeper on to locate the aircraft in tall grass or crops.



        • I just checked and as far as I'm aware, the only way to remotely trigger a response from a Pixhawk beeper remotely is by arming / disarming it. Otherwise, the only other tones you could expect to hear are ESCs beeping and/or a GPS glitch tone (if the GPS is upside down or buried, etc).

          But yes, I think it would be a worth feature to add into future versions of ArduCopter/Plane/etc. You might want to suggest it to the developers of ArduCopter & ArduPlane on the ArduPilot forum located here.

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