Can someone advise on the actual weight of the Quadcopter ( Product Code: ACQ11ARF ) from ?  I'm planning on entering an RC competition that requires the weight be less than 1kg.  I am also trying to figure out why the weight differs on various models of the Arudcopters that are avaiable to purchase?  Any help?

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I do not have jdrones quadcopter; but I can report one reason why the weight changes.

At values of ~1 Kg, the amount of solder used, and the length of cables used can have a big impact on final flight weight. The battery used and less so the receiver, sonar, and xbee options also impact on AUW.

Wire is heavy. Solder is heavy. Connectors are heavy.

Without connectors, APM board is ~10g. Same for IMU. Add connectors and solder, add 100% weight.
ESC w/o wire are much lighter.
PDB board, without connectors, without solder is maybe 30% of total weight!

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