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Steven Gates replied to Steven Gates's discussion Obstacle Avoidance
"Actually, yes, I do have results.  We now have a fully autonomous quad that has obstacle avoidance.  Send a command to go forward (any distance) and the MAV avoids all obstacles while locating to the desired coordinates.  We used Sharp long range IR…"
Apr 25, 2012
Steven Gates posted a discussion
The altitude hold mode in V2.049 looks very promising in Jason's video.  However, my altitude hold does not work very well in simulation.  As I turn on loiter, my altitude rises and falls with a delta of about 2 meters when my BARO is enabled.  If m…
Oct 27, 2011
Steven Gates posted a discussion
So is there any test code for obstacle avoidance posted online?  I would like to have something to start with but I am unable to find any code.  Any help?
Oct 4, 2011
Steven Gates posted a discussion
Can someone advise on the actual weight of the Quadcopter ( Product Code: ACQ11ARF ) from jDrones.com ?  I'm planning on entering an RC competition that requires the weight be less than 1kg.  I am also trying to figure out why the weight differs on…
Sep 18, 2011