• @Daniel Bowles Can you please explain the steps as to how to interface Adafruit Ultimate GPs with Pixhawk flight controller,as I'm completely new in this field

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    could you set up adafruit ultimate gps with pixhawk?

    • Yes, I have it working on my TBS Discover w/pixhawk. I just set it up as 5Hz updates @ 38400 baud. Most have recommended that the 3DR setup is better, but it does work.

      • ho w is the performance of adafruit gps on piwhawk?

        • I generally get a .98 gpshdop with 8-9 sats, and 1 gpshdop with 7 sats. I would have to get the 3DR module and use it for a while to get a real good comparison though.

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    You can use it, but its the same as the discontinued MediaTek GPS from 3DR. The one from 3DR had a 'custom firmware' to be more suitable for the task.

    Best advice is get a ublox. They are much better
    • Cool Thanks for the advice. That is probably what I will do when I can.


  • Well, It usually happens when I give up and post a question I figure it out. So it appears to be working. Just had to use the MiniGPS tool and set it to 5Hz updates and 38400 baud rate. The true test will come at flight time. 

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