Hi I'd like to use the APM1 to log the tilting in the x and y axis of a moving vehicle (not the arducopter). I'd like to do this without attaching a receiver to it and not use the transmitter radio as well. However, I will be connecting the GPS, but the motors will not be attached as well. I know I have to enable datalogging in CLI (not sure if it can be done in the mission planner GUI itself as I will be using older version of the arducopter code that can still be used with the APM1).

Once I do the above, will applying power to the APM directly cause it to perform datalogging? If not, can you point me to the section of the code where I can turn on immediate logging without the radio trigger (arming I mean). Which code version will maximize the 16mb memory for logging? Thanks.

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    Please check the data logging examples in the library code. That's a good start. 

    All you really need to do is init it properly. That's in system.pde.

    Then you can write away.


  • Do you need to be running arducopter?

    I believe ardurover code is small enough to run on an apm1; and do the logging you need.

    Regardless if its in any control modes; I think just booted-up and running its going to log to flash the sensor data.

    edit: I should say as long as logging is enabled; and LITE mode is disabled.

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