I am working on a research project for school. We have an underwater vehicle that we want to make autonomous. It looks like a torpedo and therefore its forward motion best mimics a plane. We uploaded a pixhawk unit with ArduPlane. We have a pressure sensor that is working in the I2C port but I need to adjust the ArduPlane code to read water density for a change in pressure in water. Does anyone know where to look to do this? Has someone done something similar?

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Instead of crossposting, what is ardusub ?

ArduSub is for a vehicle with horizontal and vertical thrusters. Our AUV only has a vertical thruster which means we only have constant forward motion. We also need to preserve the autonomous part of ArduPlane.

it probably makes sense to make this a frame type for ArduSub. Maybe you should chat to the ArduSub project leaders and see what they think?

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