Adaptive tuning Fuzzy PID controllers

Hello all,

For my MS thesis, i am proposing "Adaptive tuning Fuzzy PID controllers". Is this topic viable?

Secondly i would start off by simulating this in Matlab/ Simulink. For this i need to have Matlab / Simulink model of the PID controller for ardupilot mega. Now, is there any effort already done in this direction? How should i go about it?

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  • So SITL is the way to go. Now for gain scheduling PID controller using fuzzy logic, either:

    a) I need to develop arduino code for fuzzy logic from scratch, as i dont find it anywhere. OR

    b) Design the Fuzzy logic control in MATLAB/ Simulink and target the Arduino Mega 2560 for implementation

    After this i have to interface fuzzy controller with PID Controller code at the repository and then SITL.

    Any advices

  • Actually Now i am the point where i need a matlab/ simulink model for APM pid control. I need to ask

    1. Any link explaining the APM pid control loop in detail so that i may start making matlab/ simulink model?

    2. Any work previously done regarding APM pid on simulink/ matlab?

    3. Is it a better and fast approach to start working on the fuzzy logic controller in arduino and combine it with the existing code?

    I need valuable advice.

  • AFAIK nobody is yet working on this.  It is one area that the APM is sorely lacking.  People frequently complain about the complexity of PID gain tuning.

    People often claim that other stabilization boards work pretty much out of the box with minimal tuning.  So I think writing some adaptive control loops would be very useful.

    Autopilot boards like Paparazzi have demonstrated the usefulness of adaptive control loops in cases like structural damage (losing a section of wing).  Having something like this could really add to safety. 

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