Adding extra functions to MinimOSD

I have started to add functions to MinimOsd code.

At first i did it for myself only. Added many functions i thought i need. Then opened this thread.

after a while, Pedro and later Miguel came, and things started to happen fast. :D

They have optimised the code and added even more things to it.

They have worked hard on CT, and it became a great tool!

Thank you Bough! :)

By now MinimOSD-Extra got a pretty advanced OSD.

Here it is in action:


- Changeable unit measurement (US, metric)

- Airspeed

- Home alt

- Battery Percent

- Battery used mah

- Current Draw

- Time From Startup (cleared at takeoff to show exact flight time)

- OSD Menu

- Variometer

- Wind horizontal speed and direction, and also the average wind speed of the last few minutes. 

- OSD on/off

- Switchable secound screen

- WP distance

- WP heading

- Crosstrack error

- Warning messages for Lost GPS fix, Stall, Overspeed, battery volt, battery Percent, RSSI

- Efficiency, glide distance & thermic notifier. 3 in one panel

- OSD Brightness

- HAM Call Sign

- After flight summary

- Trip distance

- Temperature

- Smoothened horizon

- Real heading


- Vertical speed

This functions can be turned on and off, and placed on different screens now, by the Config. tool.

Also RSSI, switching mode and channel and unit measurement, Stall speed warning, Overspeed warning, Battery warning volt, Battery percent warning, RSSI warning,  can be set in new Config Tool.

We built in a new way of setting video standards. Now OSD does not guessing anymore :). You can set it fixed from CT. It is in "Video Mode" menu.

Here is how it looks: (This video is a bit outdated, sorry. I will make a new one soon.)

The MinimOSD-Extra project is here: Link

This project is the developing version of the official Arducam OSD located here: Link

The latest stable version is: 2.2

The latest version can be downloaded from here: MinimOSD-Extra R800

Username: MinimOSD_Extra

Password: Top_Secret

CT is included. (The FW for Plane, Copter, Character upload and the character file is in the "FW & Char" directory inside CT directory)

We are sharing it to see videos you make using it! :)


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  • CT 2303 still dont write panel2. r564.hex and char2303

  • I would prefer not having a skull and crossbones during the whole flight. You'll get so used to the icon it will lose its effect and won't warn you after you land that you are still armed. I say either an indicator that tells you it's disarmed, just so you have confirmation. Or an armed indicator that displays only when not in flight. Trigger will require some thought.

    Sorry about the placement of this post, for some reason I couldn't find the "reply" button for the thread on my iPhone browser.
  • Having a lot of weird issues with the pre-release R559 (copter) on v1.1 board... for some reason the video is not outputting the entire osd screen :18 seconds into the video most of the characters drop and then at 41 seconds into the video the characters jumble into the middle...

    thanks for the help,


  • I loaded the latest firmware, character set and config tool from downloads for a multicopter.  Is anyone having any issues writing to Panel 2?  

    Panel 1 writes are fine, but I can't seem to get any changes to stick in Panel 2.

    Running v0.1 board from ebay with 5v pad soldered.

  • Second board is having a bootloader problem. How can I get around that? Upload with arduino? Where do I get the sketches?

  • I reverted to arducam 2.0 and was able to finally solve the EEPROM issue! Now I can read from the board but still I get no video out. What charset should I use?

    Does this mean the latest CT versions have a problem in updating the EEPROM?

    I see the charset is in the same folder. Uploading that now…

  • Gabor, Nathanial, Bjoern e Miguel, do you think these boards are recoverable or can they get bricked like this. My first board that I still use (has older minim extra release) is working fine but these two new boards are having this problem even though they worked on the ground before I started uploading the extra release.

    I'm willing to do anything necessary (short of replacing a SMC chip) but not sure what can be done. Has anyone here had a board that functioned fine in all other respects but just refused to output any video?

  • Well my second board has not also decided to not output video! These boards really seem to be flakey! It was working fine and already had the character update done. Was ready to give it a try tomorrow but now it does the same thing. It seems it's related to this EEPROM update.

    Are these 2 boards bricked now or is there some way to revive them?? In the case of the second board the red lights are both bright and before it went out it just had the video without OSD overlay. Then it just went out completely. No video or OSD just like the other board. I tried turning off all the items and both panels and saving current tab and then did another FW update and charset update and then reloaded my saved panels but still no video.

  • Tested MinimOSD-Extra Copter 2.3 Pre-Release r558

    freezes whene3692674689?profile=originalver I ARMED.  The clock totally stops.
    Any suggestions, or version that will work, anyone?

    I noticed the APM parameter list on the MinimOSD Extra wiki was recently edited, and no longer includes SR0 parameters... just SR3 and shows the same values as mininosd (arducam-osd).

    However I have the SR0 parameters as suggested by Miguel Pereira.

  • Anything else I can do with this semifunctional board? It doesn't seem to be a bricking issue. I can communicate with the board and upload firmware etc. Could giving the video side more than 5V help? I know when I hook up a 3S directly then the red light is as bright as the ftdi side red light but I didn't check the video. I just don't understand how it could work before the character set update. How could that have caused a problem on the video side of the board?

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