Adding new waypoints in mission planner

Hi all,what i am currently trying to get the drone do is to take off, then fly to a certain way point(let say point A) and search for a object, the image will be process by opencv, once the object has been detected, the drone should fly towards the object and drop a payload. I will plan the take off and the way point to point A before take-off on the mission planner, then i would want the mission planner to send the way point information of where the object is without me telling it. I would like to know if it is possible do the above, i am also keen to know if it is possible that mission planner open a text file with waypoint information in it and upload to the drone?


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  • I'm also keen to do something similar. Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • sounds like the out back challenge yes it very possible been done to death!

    • Hi i am quite new into this so can you teach me how can i do it ? Thanks
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