Adding Telemetry.

I'm looking at getting into the Hexacopter setup but the "3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 915 Mhz" kit seems to be out of stock. How feasible is it to add this to the setup later?
-Complete noob

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  • Wow, that's cool.
  • To get back to the main question.
    I do have the 433mhz radio and it saves my copter , for some reason i could not control my quad and it drifts off with the wind i run after it after jumping some fences and almost got bitten by a dog but i lost i went back grab my laptop and track it on google with the misionplanner and it points me straight where my copter was. So you can use it as a tracker also.
  • As the super noob, here's what I think the shop admins should be aware of. I finally was ready to buy and was extremely excited about it. I got up the courage to take the plunge and bam, out of stock. My problem was that the Out of Stock message didn't show until i clicked add to shopping cart. I immediately searched for an alternative place to purchase but didn't see a comparable project so I decided to wait. The part that the admins should be concerned is that if there was another vendor standing by ready to cherry pick, they would have gotten my ~$2K purchase. I'm glad these guys are in business and growing, I'd just hate to see someone snipe the business model. That's my thought..

  • I agree that 3DR's way of dealing with out of stock items can be frustrating. That said though, they are very helpful and prompt if you email them asking a question. Just don't ask when something will be on stock, the only answer I have gotten to that is they "expect stock late this week, early next week" (got that answer three weeks in a row) Use the "email when in stock feature". It works well, just keep a close eye on your email, and order the radio's as soon as they are in stock.

    I say that because the radio were in stock for SHORT period of time yesterday, but got spoken for pretty quick. I was able to get my order for the 433MHz kit before stock was depleted.

    Good luck
  • Some people run without any telemetry.  Unless you've got a pretty long USB cable you're probably going to want it before long though.

    Not sure why 3DR hasn't got a proper ordering system running yet.  A business that refuses payment doesn't usually last long.

  • The telemetry kits are literally plug n play items.

    We added the XBee kit from jDrones 

    One 3 pin plug on the board, one USB connection on the laptop and they were talking.

    Couldn't be easier

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