ADNS 3080

Hi everyone,

I want to use ADNS3080 to control X Y axis for my tri-rotor UAV. For this action, firstly, I want to get XY data to Arduino (Duemilanove or Uno) via SPI. Than, I want to send this data from serial port to UAV control PC within fixed-size bytes.

I tried to adopt the ardupilot example to Duemilanove, but it failed. Anyone who tried this? Or anyone who can get data from ADNS3080 via SPI to arduino?

Thanks for your in advance

This is urgent

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  • Did you ever work with Way Point Navigation?? I tried several times with my both hex and quad-copters. I got good results with quad-copter but with hex-copter I dunno whats the problem but its all the time crashing. If you have any Idea please let me know. Thanks.

  • Till now I have not tested its max altitude, but I flown my quad copter at 10 feet height with optical flow sensor. Are you able to get pixels?? which optical flow sensor you are using??

    • I'm not using it at all yet. Now I'm just looking for some sensor to work properly at this altitude (up to 120 feet)

      I've found one more sensor with bigger resolution (up to nearly 720x560 pixels, don't remember exactly) and thinking over what to choose.

      As I understand You are using ADNS3080?

  • Minimum 3 feet with good illumination. I placed dark patches on floor and tested it, it was locked altitude but not the roll and pitch(there was no aggressive motions in pitch and roll, so we can correct them on minutes basis).

    • Thank you for your response, but I'm interested on max altitude, I need nearly 100-120 feet, with good illumination.

  • Hi!
    Did some one checked on what altitude this sensor works properly?

    Best regards

  • Hi,
    Today I tried to do of_loiter but after switching flight mode to OF_LOITER form STABILIZE is simply flying here and there and altitude is increasing in step wise. but if I switch to OF_LOITER with less than 50% throttle then its simply landing. I'm not getting whats the problem. So please help me to sort out this problem.
    Ravi Kishore MV
    • Hi,

      sorry, after some research i have abandon this project, so i cannot give you more information.


  • Hi Jan,
    with the arduino I'm able to initialize the ADNS3080 optical flow sensor, but its failed to find the first pixel and I'm using the code form the following link: Can you please tell me the required modifications in the program. Thanks in Advance.
  • Hi,

    have you succeeded yet with connecting  ADNS3080 through SPI?

    I`m currently trying to do that my self and i would very appreciate any help or info how to proceed.

    Thanks in front for any hint.

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