AdruPlane on EasyStar II

I've jut built up an EasyStar II and did the first test flights tonight.

I did some testing with Loiter which for the most part worked fine.  I did a have a funny glitch in the path of the plane while it setup for Loiter.  I almost reached for the manual button, but it recovered.  I am running with an airspeed sensor on the APM 2.

Has anyone already setup an EasyStar II yet and if so, would they like to share their configuration parameters?

I looked at the stock Bixler II and changed those 3 parameters so far.  Any other thoughts would be appreciated.


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  • Yes, that should work, but I don't trust it yet.  :)

  • Hi Mike, I spent all of last week tweaking the plane. You can find my complete params file on DroneShare if your want to compare settings.

  • Hi Mike,

    I have the same setup. Its current iteration has 200 grams of GoPro under one wing and 100g of balast which is probably causing some of the sluggishness I'm experiencing.

    I went out with the Easystar config file to start with, it worked but it was slow and didnt navigate very accurately. I gave up on it and decided to start from scratch, using the PIDs from the Bixler file as my template (as it is a bit 'flatter')

    Ive been through my config quite methodically to get the starting place right, so rate limiters disabled, auto trim off, throttle slew 0, min max throttle 0-100 etc etc but I would recommend doing this yourself (rather than copying an existing config) and reading all of the descriptions at the same time so you have a really good idea of what its doing under the bonnet.

    I have next week off work so the plan is to spend a lot of time getting it as tight as possible, happy to share the results as that progresses. Im planning on using "method 2" in the tuning guide, with D gain. That should allow higher P gain without overshoot. I assume you have seen this page of the wiki?
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