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Sound engineer by day but like a good project by night. UAVs have become my latest project.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Building my first plane at the moment. An Easy Star 2 with APM2.5 ready to carry a GoPro for ariel photography/video @JPJackPott



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Chris Austin replied to Oliver Wetmore's discussion Underwater Quadcopter
"I started on an ROV project this weekend so this is timely. I did briefly consider acoustic wireless, the thought process being '56k modem->speaker->microphone->modem'. Very quick Google returned some results for acoustic modems but seeing the scale…"
Aug 4, 2015
Chris Austin replied to Philip's discussion Blown up gopro hero 3 silver edition 12v need help !!!!
"My GoPro 2 does the same thing after being dropped in salt water. I've given it a good scrub but I'm assuming its a short. I get a bit of smoke when it's on USB but can't track down exactly what's getting hot. Seems to be on one of the inside…"
Sep 3, 2013
Chris Austin replied to Drone-University.com's discussion Changed flightmode through telemetry vs regular transmitter
"A few modes are already on shortcut keys, I believe R is RTL, M is manual and A is auto. Would be nice to have (or know) assignments for the others, maybe broken sequentially across the number keys?

I currently fly with Manual Stab and RTL on my…"
Aug 29, 2013
Chris Austin replied to Stephen Shannon's discussion MQ-9 Predator Schematics
"Are you planning to build this life size or scale? You're going to need a big garden... "
Aug 29, 2013
Chris Austin replied to Diego Fdez.'s discussion shrink tube vs GPS performance
"I'm going to stick my neck out here and say "no", although I have no evidence what so ever to back it up.
If I had to apply some retrospective logic to my assertion, I could argue that heat shrink is made of plastic, and the case of every GPS ever…"
Aug 28, 2013
Chris Austin replied to Chris Austin's discussion Unplanned Water Landing
"The balance port of my battery has turned green and disintegrated overnight too, I didn't give this the fresh water rinse for obvious reason. I discharged and charged the battery last night to see if it was toast, this must have caused some some of…"
Aug 26, 2013
Chris Austin posted a discussion
So flying around this weekend taking some lovely shots over the coast and countryside. The wind calmed down this evening so I thought I would get some nice shots during sunset. All was going well, I made a few passes getting the footage I wanted.…
Aug 25, 2013
Chris Austin replied to srod's discussion Arduplane - Consistent navigation errors - HELP!
"I have just repeated a similar mission setup in the simulator, and this was the result. Very tidy navigation without the steady offset you encountered. This was using "GridV2" in MP."
Aug 22, 2013
Chris Austin commented on Wipo's blog post Y6 / X8 Thrust efficiency test
"I'm not a copter guy (yet) but I was thinking today out of idle curiosity, "two props on top of each other such as the Y6 surely can't work as hard as two props in free air". What fortuitous timing! "
Aug 22, 2013
Chris Austin replied to Chris Austin's discussion Commanding descent into a loiter
"Please find the results of my "spiral climb" and "spiral sink" experiments in the attached tlog. I appreciate that Seattle International isnt the tightest airfield in the world but I think its good proof of concept.
The mission starts with a short…"
Aug 22, 2013
Chris Austin replied to Chris Austin's discussion Commanding descent into a loiter
"I have spent some time this evening getting XPlane working. With the exception of a few glitches it is mostly flying in the way you would expect so I have been able to test my own query.
With two waypoints set apart, any altitude delta will be met…"
Aug 21, 2013
Chris Austin commented on Joshua Ott's blog post 3D Robotics introduces Iris, a totally ready-to-fly quadcopter UAV with next-gen autopilot
"This is a really smart bit of design, all in one, ready to fly, camera mounts and clever accessory rails. How very exciting!"
Aug 21, 2013
Chris Austin posted a discussion
I'm quite new to this community but as I explore APM and ArduPilot I find myself constantly in awe of what has been achieved. I wanted to make a donation to help sustain the project but it dawned on me that I didn't really know who was who or how…
Aug 21, 2013
Chris Austin replied to zubair aslam's discussion Failsafe Doesn't work in Auto and Loiter Mode?
"Have you set FS_LONG_ACTN to 1? If that is set to 0 it will continue with its mission in an Auto mode."
Aug 21, 2013
Chris Austin posted a discussion
Hi chaps,Could anyone a little more experienced explain the behaviour I should expect if I performed the following WP sequence in a mission? In short, what I am trying to achieve is an "on the spot" reduction in altitude: so the first waypoint is at…
Aug 20, 2013
Chris Austin replied to Michael Walker's discussion AdruPlane on EasyStar II
"Hi Mike, I spent all of last week tweaking the plane. You can find my complete params file on DroneShare if your want to compare settings.


Aug 19, 2013