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    The only time that I had heat shrink affect the performance of a GPS was when I tried to use a hair dryer to shrink 3DR supplied heat shrink on an early version of a uBlox GPS. The GPS would not function after I had finished shrinking the heat shrink on the module.

    Lesson learned here is to use an over preheated to 400 deg F and pre-shrink the heat shrink to just slightly larger than the module being coated then slip the heat shrink onto the module and pop it in the oven. The pre-shrunk heat shrink should not take more than a minute or two to complete shrinking. Remove module from oven as soon as shrinking process is complete.


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  • Theoretically, yes. In real life not so much. But depends on type of shrink tube material used see

  • I'm going to stick my neck out here and say "no", although I have no evidence what so ever to back it up.

    If I had to apply some retrospective logic to my assertion, I could argue that heat shrink is made of plastic, and the case of every GPS ever made is plastic, so its probably fine.

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