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srod posted a discussion
This has happened to me twice now, with two seperate GPS modules - first time a year or two ago, on the bench.2nd time just recently in the air! Noticed a loss of GPS, dropped out for about 10seconds - first time I have ever lost GPS mid-air in…
May 31, 2016
srod commented on Duffy's blog post World's first hydrogen pellet drone flight
"James: Arcola are the UK representatives for Horizon. The 200W fuel cell alone weighs about 600g. They are commercially available but they aren't cheap!

Simon: an important difference between this and your project is here the hydrogen is stored in…"
Feb 9, 2016
srod posted a discussion
So I ran AUTOTUNE on my new quad (6s 400kv motors, 15" props), ended up with the following values, which when I view in mission planner it flags STB_RLL_P, STB_PIT_P, RATE_RLL_P and RATE_PIT_P as being out of range, which you can see below they…
Mar 17, 2015
srod replied to srod's discussion Autopilot mission with constant heading?
"I think I can do this using DO_SET_ROI... will give it a go today."
Nov 19, 2014
srod posted a discussion
Say I'm trying to fly a box pattern in AUTO mode: is it possible to do this while keeping the heading constant (for example always pointing north), rather than a yawing to point at the next WP?Cheers!Shane.
Nov 17, 2014
srod posted a discussion
Is it possible to select all waypoints and drag and drop them somewhere else. Or select all and rotate by X degrees...Say I wanted to move my entire mission 500m along the field, or rotate a previously planned mission to suit the wind direction on…
Sep 27, 2013
srod replied to Dave Jeffries's discussion RTL behaviour
"In ALT_HOLD, LOITER and RTL the props keep spinning on touchdown but at a much reduced yet constant rate. I then reduce the throttle to zero  and switch to STABILIZE and they then stop, this behavior I experience and have come to expect. Taking off…"
Sep 23, 2013
srod replied to Nicholas Witham's discussion Questions: Downward facing camera stabilisation, and Nex 5 focal lengths
"Question 1:
Yes -  gimbal control is standard and works very well on Ardupilot. You might find you only need a single axis (roll) gimbal. Pitch angle may be relatively minor when you are at your cruise altitude, this may save you some space and…"
Sep 23, 2013
srod replied to FPVGenie's discussion Intervalometer or APM Triggers for Photomapping
"What's wrong with extra images during the upwind legs? The more overlap the better for mapping and photogrammetry I have found."
Sep 23, 2013
srod replied to Matthew's discussion When pitching forward the front right arm drops more than the left so it fly s diagonally ?
"Are your motors level? Is there much twist in the arms of the quad? How big is the quad? How heavy is the frame?

I had this problem with my mk2 quad frame. I never solved it, it got destroyed in a crash before I had the chance, but those were the…"
Sep 5, 2013
srod replied to srod's discussion DO_REPEAT_SERVO - Arduplane 2.74
"Right - I have answered my own problem. Yes it does work. You need a WAYPOINT after the DO_REPEAT_SERVO command.
You can also turn it off too, another  DO_REPEAT_SERVO command with 0 and 0 for Repeat and Delay. 
For example, the following mission…"
Sep 4, 2013
srod posted a discussion
Does the DO_REPEAT_SERVO command work on Arduplane 2.74 - I am failing to get it to.I have seen various (inconclusive) threads on here relating to it, but either for older firmware or Arducopter.I have had success triggering with DO_SET_SERVO, but…
Sep 3, 2013
srod commented on PX4's blog post PX4 and 3D Robotics present Pixhawk: An Advanced, User-Friendly Autopilot
"@Lorenz: Thanks  - that is what I hoped it meant, fantastic!"
Aug 30, 2013
srod commented on PX4's blog post PX4 and 3D Robotics present Pixhawk: An Advanced, User-Friendly Autopilot
"Can someone please explain the following:

Spektrum DSM / DSM2 / DSM-X® Satellite compatible input"
Aug 30, 2013
srod replied to srod's discussion Arduplane - Consistent navigation errors - HELP!
"Hi Chris Austin -  it wasn't meant to be, it is unfortunate you read it that way, sorry.

Please could you post a tlog and/or log/plan/param file from one of your missions where it worked well for you. All I want to do is get to the bottom of this…"
Aug 21, 2013
srod posted a discussion
Has anyone ever looked into how accurately Ardupilot (plane specifically) follows an autopilot mission plan? What were you results/conclusions?
Aug 11, 2013