Adrustation Button Explanation??


I Already understand what the purpose is for the left, right, and center buttons as is explained in the wiki. What are the purpose of the top, top right, and bottom buttons??? I just spent about a half hour trying to find a quote about the ArduStation code but I couldn't find it. The quote said something to the effect of having to perform a bit of magic to get six buttons to work on "X" inputs. Anyway I can't figure out what the "extra" buttons do if anything. Are the buttons coded for use with possible future functions, but have no current purpose?

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  • Nathaniel,  I have the same trouble with ardustation. Since your posting is somewhat old you may have found an answer elsewhere. If so let me know. The extra buttons make a nice beep though. Also my Lat, Long figures are off and the airspeed which I understand is raw data, on mine starts in the 300's in value with no wind. If you have found a reason for that let me know.


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